Terms and Conditions


        ♦   Explanation of the purpose of the terms and conditions.

        ♦   Acknowledgment of the agreement between the user and the consultant.

Services Provided

        ♦   Description of the business-related Startup IT Solutions, Website Design, Development, Digital Marketing, App Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Software Development,  and IT maintenance services offered.

        ♦   Limitations or specifics regarding the scope of services.

Client Responsibilities

        ♦  Expectations from clients, such as providing accurate information or adhering to communication protocols.

Payment and Billing

        ♦   Explanation of payment terms, invoicing, and accepted payment methods.

        ♦   Policies on overdue payments, late fees, or refunds.


        ♦   Explanation of payment terms, invoicing, and accepted payment methods.

        ♦  Details regarding the protection of client information and confidentiality agreements.

Intellectual Property

        ♦  Clarification on the ownership of intellectual property developed during the consulting process.

Limitation of Liability

        ♦  Disclaimer outlining the limitations of liability for any damages incurred through the use of the consulting services.


        ♦  Conditions under which either party can terminate the consulting agreement and the procedures for doing so.

Governing Law

        ♦   Specification of the jurisdiction governing the terms and conditions and resolution of disputes.


        ♦  Statement indicating the right to modify or update the terms and conditions and how users will be notified.

Contact Information

        ♦   Details for users to contact the consultant for queries or concerns regarding the terms.